Operation Ouch!

When I was 9 I had the chance to be on the CBBC programme Operation Ouch! It was a really great experience and I loved doing the filming for it with my family and friends. I hope that it will help lot’s of Children who also have scoliosis and who can see that it doesn’t mean you can’t be proud of who you are.

The series that I was in is series 7 and I appear in 5 episodes. In the episodes you get to follow me in my home, at hospital and at school and even writing my blog!

You can find some of my Operation Ouch! videos on YouTube in the official Operation Ouch account. Or you can probably catch them on BBC iPlayer along with other amazing episodes.

I get asked a lot whether I got to meet Dr xand and Chris, but I never did! I always did filming separate and they added the voice over after. My mum did meet Dr Chris once and he sent me a video which was pretty cool!

Dr Chris sends me a message!

Thanks for coming back to follow my scoliosis journey. Please get in touch, I love to receive your comments.

Emilia x


One thought on “Operation Ouch!

  1. Hi Emilia im Jasmine, im a bit older then you and im having fusion soon i just want to say you inspired me to write my own blog and start an instagram called life.with.scoliosis do you have an instagram ? id love to follow you !

    love Jasmine


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