Welcome to Curvy on the Inside!

This is a blog that I have set up for my daughter Emilia.  Emilia was born with Congenital Scoliosis in 2008 and is now coming up for her 9th birthday.  Her condition began to show itself when she was still very young and following diagnosis her CT scan showed that Emilia was born with two hemi-vertebrae, a couple of unfused lumbar vertebrae (block vertebrae) an extra rib and fused ribs on both sides causing her to develop a double curve scoliosis – an ‘s’ shape spine.


Taken in 2016 – 1 year after her MAGEC ROD

Emilia is becoming much more aware of what her condition is and just how it affects her in daily life.  Emilia has already been on quite a journey and there are plenty more adventures and obstacles ahead as she lives with and has treatment for her scoliosis.

Throughout this blog Emilia will post about her experience living with scoliosis, along with how it affects her, how she copes, her surgeries and treatment.  She plans on giving practical help and advice to any other children or adults that are also living with scoliosis by the means of self help tips for backache, product reviews and Vlogs of her treatment and surgeries.


With her post-op x-rays. Taken in 2015, shortly after her MAGEC rod operation.

I’m sure she will find ways to keep it interesting and also relatable for anyone finding her along their own journey through scoliosis.  I will also volunteer some posts along the way as a guest blogger to provide some thoughts and experiences from a parents point of view. Hopefully this will be a useful resource for living with scoliosis and also an insight into understanding it’s effects on a young persons life.

Please feel free to get in touch and share your own stories, we are always interested in hearing other inspiring experiences and guidance to living with scoliosis.