Curvy Goes Live!

We’ll launch day is here!  I feel good and excited that I can now share my new blog with you all.  I really hope you like it.

If you are wondering why I’m having another operation, keep a close eye on my blog because I’ll be updating soon.

It’s been a tough few months with pain but hopefully things will be better after August. That’s why I’m ok with having another surgery. I’m a bit fed up because it’s in the school holidays again but mum says I’ll probably have some time off school this time – yes!!!

Thanks for reading!
Emilia x


It’s all About the Cushion

Hi everybody and welcome to another video blog.  This time I am reviewing some of the cushions I use including my favourite ever one!  Have a look at the video for my video version.

Since my last operation I have developed some swollen lumps over my screws and also a lump where the bottom of the rod is. My doctor says this is my body’s way of protecting my skin and is because I am young and don’t have much fat there to form padding.

Because of this I find it really sore if anything is touching that area and have had to use cushions to make it more comfortable to sit in chairs and lie down in bed.

ive tried lots of different ones but decided to review just three.

1) Askle bean filled donut cushion – £79.99


2) Matalan Micro Bean Travel Cushion – £8

matalan cushion

3) Firm Memory Foam Donut Cushion – £13