Living with the MAGEC in Me

Hey everyone!

I’ve not posted in a while, everything’s been going well with my MAGEC rods and there’s no drama right now!  I’ve had some lovely messages from people visiting my blog all around the world, thank you so much for getting in touch and I’m so happy that you like my blog or find it helpful.

Recently I was asked to blog about how my back and having the MAGEC rods affects me in my day to day life.  I thought that was a great idea and have done a video blog about some of the things I have to consider when living with scoliosis and lengthening rods.  Here’s my top 5 things I felt were the things I have to consider…

1: Lifting Things

I can lift bags and other things but I try not to overload them or make them heavy.   For example my school bag, I try to keep this light and I wear the straps very loose so that it doesn’t rub or bump on the bottom of my back.

If I want to pick something up I always bend at the knees and try to keep my back straight so that it doesn’t hurt.  But I think if something is really heavy then you can always ask someone else to carry it for you.  That’s what I do, even in school for example, one of my class mates will carry my chair to assembly.

2: Cold Weather

For some reason the most discomfort that I feel on my back is at times when the weather is very cold. So I always tend to find the winter time much more difficult and suffer more back ache and tension. Because of this I tend to stay indoors at play time at school when the days are cold and wet, or I make sure I’m wrapped up really well so the cold can’t get to my back.  The other thing I do is use heat packs that you can stick to your clothing so that my back stays cosy warm when I have to be out in the cold.

3: Sitting for a Long Time

This tends to affect me the most at school, because of sitting at the desk to do class work. I have a stand desk which allows me to change from sitting and doing work to standing and doing work.  That way I can stretch out my back and relieve some of the pressure and muscle ach I get when I sit still.  I also find it difficult to sit on the floor at school for such things as carpet time or assembly, it just really hurts and I get lots of low back ache.  Because of this I am allowed to sit on a normal chair, which I don’t always like because I feel like I’m being different or stand out but if it’s going to be for more than a few minutes then I have to do this instead.

The other times I might find this a problem is travelling in the car.  If I know the journey is going to be longer than about half an hour then I have to make sure I take cushions to prop me up or lean on and Mum and Dad will also make sure we have a stop so I can have a stretch and walk around.

4: Avoid Activities

Because I have the MAGEC rod implants, and because I have a history of having one fail inside of me and having that replaced,  I have to take extra care to avoid activities that cause a shock through the spine.  Such things as running for long periods, horse riding or trampolining – definitely no trampolining!

5: Other Things

As well as these examples I have to be careful with climbing on things and doing anything where there is a risk I could fall back onto my back.  I like to climb when we go to a park but right now I wouldn’t climb too high and only if I was really confident I wouldn’t fall.

Sometimes I get quite fed up about this because I love being active and before my last MAGEC rod operation I was getting very good at long distance running but have had to give to up for now, and I would love to ride a horse but it would be too risky for me right now.

However there are lots to other things I can do with my time! My favourite physical activity is swimming.  I can do this without any pain during or even after. I’m totally free when I’m in the water and I love to swim beneath the surface, holding my breath and swimming on the bottom of the pool.  At school this year I learnt how play Hockey outside and found that this was a lot of fun and didn’t cause me any back ache – I was already very used to bending at the knees when I wanted to hit the hockey ball!

So I hope that this has been useful if you have MAGEC rods or scoliosis like me.  Please do get in touch if there are things you would like to know.  I love getting suggestions or questions and I will always try to answer them.

Thanks for reading!

Emilia x


2 thoughts on “Living with the MAGEC in Me

  1. Julien Cartallier says:

    Thanks for posting on your daily life. Your sensitivty to cold weather is a side effect I would not have expected. Now it is all about being patient and let your body straighten itself as you grow. Also congratulations on your video presenting skills! May be the start of a career! (-;

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jasmine says:

    I also have scoliosis!
    Im 12 and only just got diagnosed in march 2019 and its strange how invisable the condition is

    You’ve inspired me to do my own blog on WordPress it’s not great but I only just got started today.

    I’m having spinal fusion soon so your really helping me out with your hospital hacks I hope your back starts to feel better. Please post daily I love reading what you write

    – Jasmine


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