Taller Not Smaller!

Hi everyone!

Very sorry for not posting in quite a while but to be honest things have been going great with my back and I’m in a lot less pain now I’ve recovered from my operation.

So I thought it would be a good idea to show you a video of what happens when I go to have my MAGEC rods lengthened.  I have to go to have this done every three months as well as x-rays and body surface scanning to track the changes in my curves and monitor my growth.

The lengthening of the rods only takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t hurt, I sometimes think it tickles a bit but that is all! Each time I go the rods are made longer by 3mm, which over a couple of years means they can grow about 4cm.  The rods keep the curve from becoming any worse but allow my back to grow as I do and because this can be done from the outside, I don’t have to have an operation each time.  How great is that?

Below is a video of a recent lengthening and in it you can see how simple it is as I lie down for my doctor, Mr Breakwell, to make my rods longer with the special machine.

Thanks for watching,

Emilia x


3 thoughts on “Taller Not Smaller!

  1. Julien Cartallier says:

    Hi Emilia.

    It is very kind of you to share all these information. We are very worried parents who were just advised that our young son Patrick (about your age) should undergo a similar surgery. So it was good to read your posts. Even though every Pathology and therapy is unique your blog has helped us better understand how you as a person (Not parent! / Not doctor!) coped with the therapy and live with those implants. At this stage it is hard for us to project what kind of activities on a daily routine are still causing you problems (Pick up a school bag? Sit for too long? Car travel etc…). May be you can post on this? You’re a brave girl! Keep it up (-;

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you very much. I really liked your suggestions for more blog post and I think it’s a good idea to share how I go about my normal life with these rods. Keep your eye out for more on this soon! Emilia


    • Thank you for your message, I really liked your question about living with my MAGEC rods and I have finally got round to writing a blog about just that. I hope it might help you understand some of ways it affects me. Thanks for getting in touch, Emilia


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