Recovery? Easy Peasy!

I had my operation over four weeks ago now and I’m really starting to feel so much better.  I think the first two weeks were the most painful and I did have to have lots of medicines to help me.  While I was recovering I spent a lot of time lying down and watching movies – I had a summer movie marathon!

I only have to take my medicines when I need them now or at night times to help me be comfortable at bed time. I think the worst thing has been not being able to do too much in my school holidays.  I have drove my mum and dad a bit crazy because I have been quite bored sometimes (Take a look at my Vlog for curing boredom), but I don’t mind being lazy really!

My family think that I look much straighter, and maybe a bit taller too.  I feel like I can sit much straighter and I don’t have any bumps at the bottom of my back anymore because my broken rod has been fixed so that is much better because I don’t knock them and I can finally lean back on chairs or lie down on my back without it hurting too much.  My scars have healed well and aren’t sore anymore, just really itchy!

I have had lots of cards and gifts from family and friends so I would like to say a big thank you to everyone, it was really nice to have treats and it did cheer me up lots.  Thank you to everyone that visited me while I was in hospital or at home, I really enjoyed your visits.

My friend Maja came to visit me at hospital

My Nannie!

My friend Lola came to see me when I got home from Hospital

Two weeks ago I went back to the hospital because it was the MAGEC rod lengthening clinic and my doctor said if I felt up to it I could have my rods lengthened, so I went back and had them lengthened.  I want to film it properly so you can all see what happens when I have this done, so I will do – but you will ave to wait until December!

Back at the clinic at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Having my x-ray done

My x-rays show that the rods look good and they are now a few millimetres longer than three weeks ago, which means that I am taller!

I went back to school this week, it was great back to normal and seen my best friend at school. It’s hasn’t been too bad and I’ve only had to have pain killers a few times.

Watch out for my post coming soon about my ideas for things to do in hospital.

Thanks for reading!

Emilia x


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