Operation MAGEC Rod 2015



When I was six I had to have a MAGEC Rod put in my back which would straighten it a quite a lot.  A MAGEC rod is a metal growth rod with a magnetic moving part that means the rod could be lengthen as I grow, but without me having to have more operations.

I had to be admitted to the hospital the day before my operation and this  it was quite scary waiting for it. I was admitted and because I hadn’t had my operation yet I settled down on the first day and had lots of fun like going to the park next to the hospital.


I was allowed to have a midnight feast and the nurses woke me up to let me do this.  This was because I wasn’t going to be able to have anything to eat for a very long time.  I was given some numbing cream on my hands and waited to be taken to the operating theatre.


A doctor called an anaesthetist gave me some medicine which put me to sleep for about 5-6 hours (i think) and that’s when they did my operation. The doctors attached the rod to my screws and some new screws at the top of my back to fix it down better.  There wasn’t enough room for me to have two rods put in as was still quite small (this is what normally happens but one rod was better than none!).

After my Operation


When I woke up I felt so, so, so, so sleepy and i remember having a button that I could press to help me get medicine to take the pain away.  I was in a place called HDU and had a lovely nurse called Laura looking after me.  They gave me a lovely velvet rabbit to cheer me up and did lot’s of checks on me every hour to make sure that all my nerves were working properly.  I slept a lot and remember feeling very, very hungry!


I moved to the ward the next day and started to feel a little bit better so the nurses let me have some toast.  I was so so hungry I had more toast and a yogurt too!  Over the next few days I had lots of guests come to visit me and I loved it because they gave me presents.

FullSizeRender 3

Every day that i was in hospital I tried to move around a little bit more, like standing up or sitting out in a chair.  I found that this was hard at first but did get easier as I started to get better. 20150712_060554.jpg

On the fifth day I was in hospital I saw a lady who was a physiotherapist and she helped me to walk down the ward and up and down some stairs.  Because I was able to move around so well she said that if the doctors agreed I could go home.  So I did!  It was actually my birthday that day and so I think everyone really wanted to help me get home as quickly as possible!

I was in a lot of pain on the way home, I had to lie down on my nanny’s knee because I was not comfy.  I found that I needed lots of rest and could only do busy things for a short time before my back started to hurt. When I got home I had to sit on the nicest bean bag in the house and played with my new lego.

It took a few ore days but I was able to get back to normal quite quickly, everyone was really surprised but I don’t think it was all that bad really!

So that is the story of my MAGEC Rod, thanks for reading and please come back again!


Before MAGEC rod operation


After MAGEC rod operation


Emilia x



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